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Driven To Protect Initiative  |  October 1, 2018

Driven to Protect at the Neptune Festival

September 2018 

On September 28-30, the Driven to Protect team attended the Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The Neptune Festival is an annual festival celebrating the rich history of Virginia Beach. The festival attracts local residents and visitors from around the country. Our mission was to provide information regarding the Driven to Protect Initiative and demonstrate the latest alcohol detection technology. Event attendees not only had the opportunity to enjoy the festival’s arts and crafts show, musical performances, and parades, but many also took the time to interact with our X-2 demonstration vehicle.

Individuals that visited the Driven to Protect display and vehicle were very interested and enthusiastic about the initiative and program goals. For example, we spoke with a woman that described being both a victim of drunk driving as well as having a DUI herself, and a man that recounted a time he was extremely drunk and drove six miles with the car door open to use the yellow line as a guide, and that the alcohol detection system could have helped stop him from taking that risk. We appreciated hearing from these and other attendees with personal connections to the issue of drunk driving.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by the Driven to Protect display! We had a great time!