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Virginia Marks One Year Anniversary of Real-World Testing for Life-Saving, Vehicle-Integrated Alcohol Detection Technology

September 2019

Driven to Protect partnership between the Virginia DMV, James River Transportation, and automakers shares success during first year of operations.

Driven to Protect Initiative

Driven to Protect at Potomac Nationals Game

On August 23, 2019, Driven to Protect attended the Potomac Nationals baseball game in Woodbridge, Virginia.

DADSS Research Program

Statement by Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) Research Program on Maryland’s Launch of Driven to Protect Initiative

On August 15, Maryland launched a new partnership between the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (“MDOT MVA”) and the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety Research Program (“DADSS Research Program”), becoming the second state to join the Driven to Protect Initiative. Through Driven to Protect, Maryland is partnering with DADSS to help test life-saving, vehicle-integrated alcohol detection sensor technology on Maryland roads. Robert Strassburger, President & CEO of the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety (“ACTS”), responded to the news on behalf of the DADSS Research Program.

Driven to Protect Initiative

Maryland Joins Driven to Protect Partnership

Driven to Protect is a public-private partnership between the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) Program and individual state governments that is helping with on-road testing of advanced technology to eliminate drunk driving and save lives. The vehicle-integrated alcohol detection technology will determine when a driver is impaired with a blood alcohol concentration at or above 0.08% and prevent the car from moving. The breakthrough technology will be fast, accurate, reliable, and affordable.

Driven to Protect Initiative

Driven to Protect at 2019 Salem Fair

In July 2019, the Driven to Protect team attended the Salem Fair in Salem, Virginia—the largest fair in the Commonwealth. Attendees included residents from all over Virginia, particularly the southwestern region.

Both a demonstration vehicle and the Learning Experience Trailer were on display to educate attendees about the DADSS technology, the history of the program, and the Virginia DMV’s support for the Driven to Protect Initiative. Visitors to the Driven to Protect exhibit were eager to test out the prototype sensors and learn about the technology’s real-world application to prevent drunk driving.

Attendees’ personal anecdotes showed that drunk driving has affected many residents of the Commonwealth, whether directly or indirectly, and reinforced the need for vehicle-integrated alcohol detection technology. We enjoyed speaking to and sharing the Driven to Protect mission with so many enthusiastic Virginians!