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DADSS Research Program

DADSS Research Program Update

October 2019

Human Subject Drivers Testing Rolls Out

In March of 2019, the DADSS Program received OMB approval to run a series of controlled, in-vehicle tests involving sober drivers and drinking passengers to determine how the sensors respond to real-world driving conditions. These tests began in Massachusetts in late June, in partnership with McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate as well as at KEA Technologies, Inc. The data collected from this research will inform the development and calibration of the next generation of breath sensors, as well as future vehicle integration.

Driven to Protect Initiative

Driven to Protect at the Neptune Festival

September 2019 

In September 2019, the Driven to Protect team attended the annual Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The three-day festival covered 32 city blocks along the boardwalk and attracted thousands of people from Virginia and across the U.S.

Driven to Protect Initiative

Driven to Protect at Herndon Labor Day Festival

September 2019 

On September 2, 2019, Driven to Protect attended the Herndon Labor Day Festival in downtown Herndon, Virginia.

Driven to Protect Initiative

Driven to Protect Receives Governor’s Honor Award

On September 18, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam presented Driven to Protect with the Governor’s Honor Award for public-private partnerships during a ceremony at the Executive Mansion in Richmond, Virginia. As partners in the Driven to Protect Initiative, the Virginia DMV, James River Transportation, and the DADSS Program were recognized for demonstrating exemplary service and commitment to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

News Release

Virginia Marks One Year Anniversary of Real-World Testing for Life-Saving, Vehicle-Integrated Alcohol Detection Technology

September 2019

Driven to Protect partnership between the Virginia DMV, James River Transportation, and automakers shares success during first year of operations.