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Fox News

Drunk driver-proof cars could be on sale by 2020

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and group of automakers and industry suppliers are trying to engineer drunk driving out of existence.

PC Magazine

Can Technology Stop Drunk Driving?

By Angela Moscaritolo

If the system detects a blood alcohol concentration above 0.08 – the legal limit in all 50 states – the vehicle won’t move.


New Technology Looks To Drunk Driver-Proof Vehicles Within 5 Years

Newly unveiled technology will hope to one day stop drunk drivers in their tracks.


Feds And Carmakers Unveil Systems To Disable Your Car If You’ve Been Drinking

By Joann Muller

Think you’re smart enough to fool the cops if you get pulled over for weaving on the way home from a party? Or to lie to your mother about whether you’ve been drinking? Your car knows the truth.

NBC News Channel

Technology To Target Drunk Drivers

By Steve Handelsman

Department of Transportation hopes to eventually install alcohol detection system in all new cars. NBC’s Steve Handelsman reports.