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The Federal Government May Have Found a Way to End Drunk Driving Forever

By Jon Levine

The Detroit News

NHTSA unveils prototype car to bar drunken driving

By David Shepardson

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration unveiled a first-ever prototype vehicle with an advanced alcohol detection technology that could ultimately prevent vehicles from being operated by a drunken driver.

Washington Post

New technology could put an end to drunken driving, officials say

By Ashley Halsey III

A technological breakthrough that could virtually eliminate the drunken driving that kills 10,000 Americans each year was announced Thursday by federal officials, who said it could begin appearing in cars in five years.


USDOT gives first look at built-in alcohol sensors for cars

By Bob Segall

Would you want an alcohol sensor built into your car to keep you from driving drunk? Government researchers have been spending millions of dollars to develop that technology and have now unveiled a prototype to show what could eventually be standard equipment in millions of cars.


My Fox DC

New tool to help combat drunk driving

There’s a new tool to help combat drunk driving.