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KIRO Radio

DUI technology in development could keep future drunk drivers off the road

Dave Ross, KIRO Radio Morning News Anchor

It’s a perennial problem. How do you keep drunks off the road?

Planned Safety Tech Would Prevent Drunken Drivers From Starting Car

Matt Schmitz

You’ve heard of cars of the not-so-distant future that drive themselves. But in the even-less-distant future your car may refuse to let you drive — if you’ve been drinking alcohol, that is.

Insurance Journal

U.S., Automakers Pursue Drunk Driver Detection Systems

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has extended for five years its agreement with automakers to continue researching advanced alcohol detection technology that could prevent vehicles from being driven by a drunk driver.


Feds, Automakers Collaborate on Smart Technology To Halt Drunk Driving

Anita Lienert

WASHINGTON — The federal government and 15 automakers announced a deal this week to continue researching advanced alcohol detection technology.

Los Angeles Times

Auto safety initiative seeks to reduce driver errors

Auto safety regulators are pushing for new equipment to protect motorists from their biggest threat: themselves.