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Wall Street Daily

Drunk and Ready to Go? Car of the Future May Say “No”

By Ben Gruber

Accidents happen every day, but according to the World Health Organization drunk drivers are responsible for a million road deaths every year.

New car technology can stop drunks from driving

By Tuan Nguyen

Government officials have given a tentative thumbs up to a new technology for cars that would render the concept of driving while drunk a non-starter — literally.

Boston Herald

Feds lead charge for alcohol detector

Waltham company behind controversial device

Boston Globe

New systems speed up drivers’ blood-alcohol tests

The first working prototypes of systems to prevent drunk drivers from starting their cars were demonstrated in Waltham yesterday, at an event attended by US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

PC Magazine

Alcohol-Detecting Cars Could Keep Drunk Drivers off the Road

Researchers in Massachusetts are working on creating technology that would keep a car from starting if the driver is drunk.