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The Associated Press

Government speeds research on car safety systems

By: Joan Lowy

WASHINGTON — The government is speeding up research on safety systems that automatically prevent drivers from operating their cars if they are drunk or aren’t properly buckled in.

WCVB Boston

In-car alcohol sensors aim to stop drunken drivers in their tracks

WALTHAM, Mass. —It is estimated 10,000 people will die this year as a result of drunken drivers.

New York Daily News

Alcohol detecting technology could save 10,000 a year from drunk-driving death: scientists

By: Michael Walsh

Scientists outside Boston are developing a technology that could bring drunk driving to a halt.

CBS This Morning

New technology to stop drunk driving

A research team is developing technology for vehicles that could detect if anyone is above the legal limit and prevent them from starting the vehicle. As Mark Strassmann reports, the technology could potentially save thousands of lives each year from drunk driving.

The Wall Street Journal

After the Party, a Car That Takes Away Your Keys

Joseph B. White

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. In the future, your car could be that friend.