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Automakers, AAA Push for More Funding for Alcohol Detection Technology

WASHINGTON – A coalition of companies and industry groups — including the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, AAA and American Trucking Associations — is urging Congress to fund an advanced drunk driving detection research program.

PR Newswire

Broad Coalition of Safety, Insurance, Auto and Alcohol Groups Call for Enactment of Drunk Driving Prevention Research Measure

WASHINGTON, July 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A broad range of safety, auto, insurance and alcohol industry groups and companies has called on Congress to pass legislation to provide funding for an advanced drunk driving detection research program which could lead to more than 8,000 fewer highway fatalities each year and a nationwide economic cost saving of approximately $130 billion annually.

Wall Street Daily

Drunk and Ready to Go? Car of the Future May Say “No”

By Ben Gruber

Accidents happen every day, but according to the World Health Organization drunk drivers are responsible for a million road deaths every year.

New car technology can stop drunks from driving

By Tuan Nguyen

Government officials have given a tentative thumbs up to a new technology for cars that would render the concept of driving while drunk a non-starter — literally.

Boston Herald

Feds lead charge for alcohol detector

Waltham company behind controversial device